Can't get map service to show dynamically updated raster data

Discussion created by simpsonr on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by simpsonr
I'm sure there is a best practice on this somewhere but so far, I'm pulling a big zero.

I've got an mxd that has a layer of a geo-referenced gif.  The file is actually updated every 5 minutes or so on the file system.  I've got the mxd published as a map service but the map service never updates (after I press f5) to show the latest image.  I can look at the image on the file system and sure enough, it looks different than what I see in the map service JavaScript viewer.

How to I nudge the map service (or MXD) to refresh every 5 minutes or so so the end user will always see the latest image that gets put on the file system?

It seems that every time a users makes a request to view a map service (from the javascript view for example), that map service is not pulling data from the data store every time.  It seems to be caching the data somewhere, somehow.  I don't want that.  I want the end user request to force the map service to retrieve data (in this case a raster file) from it's file system source, every time the request is made.

I've tried clearing browser cache but that doesn't seem to be the issue, as I can go over to another PC that hasn't accessed this service before and it pulls up an old image as well.