Replacement to IServerObjectManager?

Discussion created by sjones on Jan 10, 2013
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Howzit all,

At the beginning of last year I created an ArcGIS Server Reporting And an ArcGIS Data Source Reporting AddIn for documenting everything inside an ArcGIS Server Instance. I deployed with an ArcGIS Server 10.0 Instance and made use of the IServerObjectManager Interface to create Server contexts for services.

3-4 month back we upgraded to ArcGIS Servr 10.1 and migrated all the services.

That AddIn I have created is no longer valid at the new ArcGIS Server architecture but still works well on the existing AGS 10.0 instances. Although I was not significantly involved in the upgrade, I recall the whole SOM and SOC componentary has fallen away,

It is hardly surpriing that the AddIn no longer works.

(I have gone through the debug of the AddIn and notice the component fails when the SOM is created. Nothing object is created.

Can someone please guide me to the Interfaces I should be making use of for use in the .NET Development?

Is there a replacement Interface to IServerObjectManager?

I am on a steep learning curve here.

Many Thanks in Advance

Susan Jones
GIS Consultant
NEW Zealand