HTMLPopup and paths returned.

Discussion created by odoe on Jan 9, 2013
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I wasn't exactly sure to post this, as I'm not sure if it's something that needs to be configured in the MXD before publishing or I borked something on the install of my Server.
When I send the request for htmlPopup to the REST endpoint for a FeatureService, the paths to the arcgisoutput folder are pointing the server name and not the IP.
For example,

Instead of

Everything else on the serve has worked just fine, all services work, I can edit FeatureServices no problem.
One thing on this box I do a bit different if it matters is I copy my mxd to this machine from a different machine that has ArcMap on it and use the Web Manager to publish it from the localhost.

Right now, I parse out the name with the base url manually to get it to work, but I'm thinking I must have done something wrong along the way and maybe there was a simple fix.