Persistent MapTip ghost

Discussion created by ewheeless on Jan 9, 2013
ArcGIS Engine 10.1/C++/Windows
I have a MapControl embedded in a tabbed splitter pane.  If I hover over an feature on the map, the appropriate maptip appears and gradually fades to a "ghost" image.  If I right-click on the feature without moving the mouse, it opens a custom context menu (using MFC's CMenu::TrackPopupMenu).  From the context menu, I select an option which opens a new tab page.  The new tab page hides the underlying map but the "ghost" of the maptip remains visible.  How do I get rid of the maptip?  Among the things I've tried:
1. Calling ShowMapTips(VARIANT_FALSE)  when switching to the new tab page.
2. Sending a bogus WM_MOUSEMOVE and WM_MOUSELEAVE to the MapControl in an attempt to dismiss the maptip.
3. Calling MFC's CancelToolTips.
4. Disabling the application window and re-enabling.
5. Removing focus from the MapControl.
6. Changing the active window status.
7. Test for a cancel mouse capture.