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Discussion created by on Jan 9, 2013
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A quick questions (and a mild rambling...)

I'm currently running an old Procedural version (I think its the 2011 one) of CE and want to upgrade to the last one.
I went through the feature list of the two offered versions and there's something I'm not quite sure about:
The basic version says to be missing the 'Custom Report Generation' feature - does that mean you CAN NOT do any reporting with the basic version or just some bespoke reports options ?

We use it mainly for planning and urban design so will need at least some basic reporting capabilities - obviously if the basic one has some reporting abilities I'd go for that due to the massive difference in price - which is a shame as this feature was always sold with the basic version rather than the pro. Anyway, just complaining here about ESRI making a quick buck over really basic features. I understand the justification to charge more for advance 3D, python 3D mouse etc... but reporting ???

Anyway, would be great if someone could clarify what exactly can the basic version do in terms of reporting.