Model runs in ModelBuilder NOT from My Custom Toolbox in ArcMap

Discussion created by candacecady on Jan 8, 2013
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Hello Helpful People! 

I just created my first model in ModelBuilder.  It runs beautifully in ModelBuilder; not the case from within my ArcMap project.  Briefly, my model does this: using a list input of FC and geodatabase tables to the Select Layer by Attribute tool I CLEAR_SELECTION.  Then using the same tables as input to the Make Feature Layer and Make Table View tools I apply a series of SQL queries to each table the results of which I Add to Display of the current map.  This model works very nicely within ModelBuilder overwriting previously created output layers.  When I run the model from the custom toolbox in ArcMap the created layers do not overwrite previously created output layers instead they are deleted.  I see a message within ModelBuilder that the the output layer already exists.   I set the Geoprocessing Option within ArcMap to allow Overwriting of Outputs of Geoprocessing Ops.  I am building this model to be used by editors of a versioned ArcSDE Enterprise geodatabase and they shouldn't have to run it from within ModelBuilder.  Any ideas about where I messed up?  Thank you for your time in helping me out.  Oh, yes, and just to control the flow of operation I have placed a precondition connector between the output of each process and the next process.