Iterate through Break Values - Classification

Discussion created by shino on Jan 8, 2013
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Hi there,

I am building an optimization tool,
Just wondering if anyone knows how to:

Firstly, export classified values into separate feature classes (i.e. I classify points using symbology, now I want to export those classes as separate shapefiles).. without having to go in and manually select by attribute.

Secondly, Use an iteration, either in modelbuilder or python to iterate the break values of the aforementioned classified feature class. 

I think this is tricky because it requires the manipulation of the symbology window, which I'm not sure is possible in modelbuilder.

Some background / context: What I'm looking to do is classify points by angle, into 5 different quantile classes.  Export those, connect them using least distance, evaluate them based on landuse and water / pipe crossings (give the path a value based on its desirability) then go back to the point shapefile and reclassify, slightly shifting the break values in the quantile classification until all possible sequences are found and evaluated.  The tool will then choose the lowest value as the most desirable and ta da we have an optimized layout!

Any ideas would be much appreciated, if my question doesn't make any sense please let me know and I'll clarify!!