Dojo datagrid help

Discussion created by demin on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by cris11
I am a beginner with JavaScript API and dojo tools. I am looking for some sample code or help about a datagrid with my urgent task.

I  make a selection on  a featurelayer, then I get IDs,  with WCF service, I query a table from another database with these IDs ( one-many realtionship), I need to dispaly   and update the query results through WCF.
The results will be a table  about 20 fields, all these fileds need to be dispalyed as textbox, dropdown list ( select),hyperlink, date picker etc. then the user will update table by input the textbox, changing the selection from the dropdownbox, picking a new date.

How I bind the result to the dojo datagrid with textbox, dropdownlist, datepicker, hyperlinks dynamically and asychrinously update the table ?

and also if it is possible in Javascript? the users open the map, render the feature layers according to their own preference , next time, no matter where  he open the map, the feature layer will be displayed  as his last setting , different users are different(  in Silverlight, all these are very easy, but I really  don't know how in Javascript).

Many thanks.