Code for going to Folder and Drawing an mxd from that Folder!!

Discussion created by MLCouden on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by brenth
I have a dialog box that opens upon opening an mxd. The User picks type of station and county, then when they hit the map button it would go to the folder where the stations are and then go grab the county mxd for it to draw in map. Code is below:

Dim pWorkspaceName As WorkspaceName
Set pWorkspaceName = New WorkspaceName
pWorkspaceName.PathName = "K:\TASS\4_MAPPING_DATA_Maps\2012"

Dim cboStations As String
If cboStations = "Annual" Then pWorkspaceName.PathName
gotofolder "K:\TASS\4_MAPPING_DATA_SUPPORT\Traffic_Mapping\Urban_Maps"

Dim districts As String
Dim cboDistrict As String
If cboDistrict = "Abilene" Then getmxd "K:\TASS\4_MAPPe\Abilene_Base_Map.mxd"
cboDistrict = "Amarillo" then getmxd "K:\TASS\4_ps\2012\Amarillo"
Am I heading in the right direction????