doxox mobile on desktop

Discussion created by ihamilton63 on Jan 7, 2013
Hi I would appreciate best thoughts on the way to provide a cross platform Web App (desktop, mobile) solution using javascript, dojo, dojos, dojox.mobile which would work on the desktop and mobile.

Obviously a compromise, but  :-

1. Would it be workable at all?
2. Could I use the mobile api and expect it to work on Desktop?
3. Could I use the desktop api and expect it to work on mobile?

I have tinkered with the compact build but immediately ran up against  a deferred tasks identity problem (not just "requiring" identify, - there was no error and no response when clicking on something). And this doen't give mobile widgets as such anyway.

I would have to port what I have done so far which is not much.
I could start again using dojox.mobile for example.

I would intend to use widgets which would be 'suitable' on both. I guess a lot of pop up behaviour  instead of permanent space for controls etc.

Tanks for any direction,