Show loading icon when map isn't loaded until later?

Discussion created by schlot on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by mcdade31
All the examples I've seen for showing a loading have a listener set to the map.

My project doesn't load the map at the beginning.  Instead, the users runs a query or find which generates a list.  Only after the list is displayed do they have the option to see the results of their query/find on a map. 

It takes a moment for the page to open.  If the user selects a county or enters an address before it's fully initialized, they get errors. I feel like too much is still loading at the beginning.  I tried commenting out the dojo.addOnLoad(init) that most examples have because I know I don't need the map until the user makes some sort of selection.  Still it seems to be accessing the baselayers right when I start.

I can add the loading image at start up by putting it in my top borderContainer, but I need to have something else besides the map's onUpdateEnd event to trigger the hideLoading function.