Interpolate climate surface from points

Discussion created by pschaefer on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by slynch-esristaff
Hello, I am relatively new to GIS, so forgive me if the solution to this problem is actually very easy.

I am attempting to create a climate surface from an xy table produced by ClimateWNA ( This program quires several databases for various climatic parameters and required imputing x, y, and z coordinates from a DEM (GTOPO30 was sufficient for me). This first step wasn't too difficult, and I successfully created a table with the relevant climatic parameters at over 2 millions points. The area I am interested in the the western Canadian Arctic Archipelago (Mainly Victoria Island and the surrounding mainland).

I am now having difficulty interpolating these points into a surface. When I look at the locations of the points, they are restricted to the landmasses, as they should be, but when I attempt to interpolate across the surface, it only interpolates over the water leaving the landmasses blank. I have downloaded several country outlines and attempted to include them as a barrier feature, but keep getting this error: "Input barrier polyline features: The input is not within the defined domain. ERROR 000863: Invalid GP data type".

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,