How can I use a scatterview to overlay elements on top of a map?

Discussion created by aslaken on Jan 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by dbroux-esristaff

I'm building an application with an interactive map (using the ArcGIS API for WPF) that runs on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 (now known as PixelSense). In my application I have a librarycontainer containing elements that a user can drag out and place on a certain location on the map. I achieve this by placing a scatterview (that envelopes the entire map) in an elementlayer on the map, like this:

<esri:ElementLayer><esri:ElementLayer.Children><local:DragDropScatterView esri:ElementLayer.Envelope="-19949487.9573175,-20100080.1372686,20125528.7282505,20131479.5822274" x:Name="ScatterLayer" Background="Transparent" Height="Auto" Width="Auto" ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource ScatterItemStyle}" /> </esri:ElementLayer.Children></esri:ElementLayer>

The problems occur when a user zooms in or out on the map, causing the elements that have been placed in the scatterview to change their position completely.

To fix this issue I tried placing the scatterview inside a viewbox. When I do this, the elements maintains the right positions in the map, but now a new problem occurs: The elements scale up and down when I zoom in and out of the map (e.g. when the map is shown in full extent, the elements are almost invisible), while the preferred behavior is that the elements maintain their size when a user zooms in or out on the map (e.g. like the markers in Google Maps).

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can solve this problem?