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Problems while creating a feature class using XY coordinates from an external source

Question asked by pichae on Jan 6, 2013
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Hello to everyone,

I am pretty new in GIS working on my tesis and since days I got following problem:
While creating an new feature class unsing XY-koordinates from a excel file I get a very unexpected result. The excel file contains lots of UTM - point coordinates which are (as I know) evenly distrubuted over Germany. Therefore the result should show a  rough image of the surface of germany. In order to make it clearer, here a link of a screenshot of the result:
As you can see the image is cut in the middle right between the 32nd and the 33rd zone of the UTM system and moved one UTM zone to the right. Can anybody help me and tell how to eliminate this problem. As I said I am very new in this, so I am very happy for any kind of help. I work with ArcInfo10.

Best regards from Germany and thank you