Multiple Service Areas for Multiple Points Using Breaks_[Impedance]

Discussion created by ClayT101 on Jan 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by ClayT101
Quick question (I think), I want to make multiple Service Areas using different amounts of time.  I know how do do it manually by entering a single amount of time in the Breaks_[Impedance] in the dialog box.  Can this be done where the breaks will hit a series of times (like a column in a database) or by manually entering 5, 10, 15?

Second question, and this is really more of a bonus question and not really needed but I would like to find out.  I have never used model builder, is it possible to set up a model where it will take 1 set of points, make multiple service areas of varying times, then take another group of points and make multiple service areas of varying times?  I am just curious as I would like to run this in the office when I am not there.