9.2sp5 VB.Net toolbar--> 10.0 Questions + Problems.

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Dear Readers,

i was able to recompile a 9.2 sp5 arcobjects toolbar that had an installer.vb file and an MS installer proj attached to it. as per the web pages, i had to add reference to add.local and 1 more component. at first (with no change - all automatic settings of vs 2010 and the old code as it were) i was able to display the toolbar, click on the buttons and see a few things here and here. the old code was developed with vs2005/ later to 2008 and to 2010 and .net framework 2 to 3.5 and to 4.0 all on an xp machine.

i had to revisit the code to move the application to arcgis 10.0 on windows 7 (64 bit os) and vs 2010. now when i started working on the app and wanted to make specific changes, and followed these links.

made project changes as per link (regasm.exe) changes in

Error 1 An error occurred while validating. HRESULT = '80004005' C:\CDriveContents-06Sep2012\DotNetSourceCode\NewGNT-10.0Test\GNTInstaller\GNTInstaller.vdproj GNTInstaller

Error 2 Cannot load referenced assembly: 'C:\Windows\assembly\GAC\stdole\7.0.3300.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a\stdole.dll' C:\CDriveContents-06Sep2012\DotNetSourceCode\NewGNT-10.0Test\GNTToolbar\TlbImp GNTProj

Error 3 System.IO.FileLoadException - API restriction: The assembly 'file:///C:\Windows\assembly\GAC\stdole\7.0.3300.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a\stdole.dll' has already loaded from a different location. It cannot be loaded from a new location within the same appdomain. C:\CDriveContents-06Sep2012\DotNetSourceCode\NewGNT-10.0Test\GNTToolbar\TlbImp GNTProj

i have set the target framework to be 3.5 as per the suggestions of the links above and made the target machine to be x86.   i had also set the Register for COM interop as checked = true.`

i am unable to see the references in Project tab due to the moniker error:
An error occurred trying to load the page.
Could not resolve mscorlib for target framework '.NETFramework,Version=v3.5,Profile=Client'. This can happen if the target framework is not installed or if the framework moniker is incorrectly formatted.

whether it is 3.5 client profile or plain 3.5, i get the above error.

.net framework has been around for a long time and i am wondering why ArcGIS 10.0 is forcing people to be on 3.5 framework. that is great stumbling block for me as machines nationwide have to be re-configured to use 10.0 arc if this app /toolbar demands 3.5.1 full version installed on client machines.

i have set all dlls as not specific version (flag = false as per help links above).

any way to move forward with my problems?

thanks and regards