GraphicsClusterer (FlareClusterer) and WKID 102100 problems

Discussion created by cp79shark on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by MBranscomb-esristaff
I have a Graphics Layer which is populated in code. If I use a base layer that has a spatial reference of 4326, the clusterer works as intended. If the base layer being used is spatial reference 102100, then I get some weird behaviors with how items are clustered. For example, one graphic's location is listed as outside of Budapest, but it gets clustered in Africa, no amount of zooming in will "uncluster" the item so that it displays in its proper location.

I tried overriding the ClusterGraphicsAsync method to do some testing, but it became apparent that simply invoking the OnClusteringCompleted event isn't all that's really happening behind the scenes to make magic happen. My best guess is the default clustering algorithm isn't working how it should.

I even tried messing with the resolution parameter in the ClusterGraphicsAsync method, but that only gets me slightly closer to the actual location for the weird clusters.

Not all clusters are as completely off as some. I can't find a good point of reference to say X is definitely the problem.

If I do not use the Clusterer everything will always display exactly where it is supposed to, regardless of whether the spatial ref is 4326 or 102100 (since I convert if needed before it gets added to my data source).

Ideas before I just go off and try and implement my own Clusterer that doesn't try to grab items that are clearly not within my defined radius (10)?