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Cannot Get StoryTelling Tabbed template to work

Question asked by tgarrison on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by mminami-esristaff
Trying to create a tabbed Storytelling application

I create 3 web maps b location:

Spencer County, Indiana :
Menard  Couinty, Illinois  :
Missouri :

Each of the maps were made public (shared to everyone)

I opened the Spencer County Map and pressed the Share button and selected Application

I then created an Tabbed Storytelling application (2nd page of templates) Bottom row second from the right.
I Entered the three Id's (they are shown above in bold) separated by commas  In the Web Map ID section
I Entered the Names of the states separated by commas (Indiana,Illinois,Missouri) in the Tabbed Name area.

When I test this application, I can only see the first webmap (spencer county) area no matter which tab I press.  See test app at:

This was my pilot attempt with very limited data.  should have been easy.
The data I am using was uploaded from shapefiles.  Very few features.
FireFox, Chrome and IE  same problem.

What am I missing?