Issues creating Java Add-Ins for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1

Discussion created by m.rickgeosecure-de-esridist Employee on Jan 4, 2013

currently I am starting to develop my first Add-Ins for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 with Java. In the beginning I ran into some problems from which I would like to prevent other developers:

1. The Eclipse Plug-In seems not to be updated from 10.0 to 10.1 which can be seen when you open the XML perspective. the auto generated XML uses Version 10.0 as default which is just a minor bug, but should be considered.

2. A major issue are the compiler settings. I am currently using the JRE 1.7 (32Bit since ArcGIS Desktop is still a 32 Bit application). My first deployments had no errors, but in ArcMap all buttons were not displayed even if I compiled the sample Add-in from esri. The solution was to change the Java Compiler settings in Eclipse to Java 1.6. Now everything works fine.

I hope these information will help you when developing Add-ins in Java for ArcGIS 10.1