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Does Spatial Data Server (SDS) access Versioned Views when connecting a geodatabase?

Question asked by mboeringa2010 on Jan 3, 2013
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Hi all,

I have been wondering, and I think ESRI can only really answer it or someone who has already attempted this, but does Spatial Data Server (SDS) access Versioned Views when connecting an ESRI / ArcSDE geodatabase?

Although I realize that the primary use of SDS is to acces non-geodatabase spatial databases with no geodatabase repository, I do see mentioned that SDS can access a geodatabase as well.

But since it doesn't support the geodatabase, since it is not based on ArcSDE, the only reasonable way I can think of that it accesses the geodatabase is via the new 10.1 Versioned Views that are also created by default at 10.1, that are after all designed to allow non-ESRI GIS/CAD software or webapplications unaware of geodatabase logic to access a geodatabase version. It could potentially also only connect to the base table of a versioned Feature Class, or not support versioned Feature Classes at all, but I can't find good info about this.

Since SDS bases it webservices on ArcMap documents, with its layers potentially based on versioned Feature Classes and datasources, the most logical thing seems accessing the Versioned Views...

Documentation on this point seems poor.

Anyone ideas or links to documentation about this?