Cannot get 3dd file properties from standalone application

Discussion created by modybsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Jan 2, 2013
We have some strange problem with a simple code that should open a 3dd (ArcGlobe) document and get its properties.
The code below runs without an error but return 0.0 always when run from a standalone program (on any 3dd file).
The same code runs fine when run as AddIn inside ArcGlobe (even when ArcGlobe does not open any document).
The standalone program Bind desktop and uses desktop license (with extension).
It looks like some libraries are not loaded when the standalone program is running.

IGlobeDocument pGlobeDocument = new GlobeDocumentClass();
pGlobeDocument.Open(@"C:\temp\test1.3dd");  // can be any 3dd file
IGlobe pGlobe = pGlobeDocument.GlobeObject as IGlobe;
IGlobeDisplayRendering3 pGlobeRender = pGlobe.GlobeDisplay as IGlobeDisplayRendering3;
MessageBox.Show("basic exaggeration = " + pGlobeRender.BaseExaggeration.ToString());

The code runs fine on some other machines but we do not see any different between the machines.

Any idea?