Create a point where line direction change exceeds specified angle

Discussion created by m_wallis on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by ferdzratum
Hi All,

I have a problem i'm trying to solve and was hoping the combined wisdom of the many would prevent me banging my head in frustration!

I have a line shapfile that contains 242 lines. 
The lines represent streams & rivers.

What i'm looking to do is find all the points along the river/streams where the angle changes by a set value.  I see there is a 'set representation control point by angle' tool.  However i'm not overly familiar with the cartography tools and am just looking to create a point shapefile at each 'bend' in the river that exceeds a certain angle.

If possible i'd also like to know add a field that contains the actual angle change.  But its not essential.

Hopefully that makes sense!