Add-In - need clarifications. 9.2sp5-->10.0;

Discussion created by mravichandran on Dec 31, 2012
dear Readers,

thank you reading thro this question: we have 9.2 sp5 VB.NET toolbar deployed nationwide that needs to be brought into the 10.0 ArcGIS deskktop (ArcInfo license) world. this 9.2 sp5 toolbar was 'upgraded' to .NET framework 4.0 from 3.x.

the toolbar app has the following:

1. toolbar, Itools, command buttons that call windows forms, IEditTasks, feature layer tasks, graphic -
Q1. can I make an assumption that as long as IEditTasks and IFeatureLayer etc are not defined addins.config file, and as long as they are called from Button or a ITool defined in addin.config file.

Q1b.  I will downgrade the .net framework to 3.5 and hopefully should not have any issues...

Q2. using the - video, i can copy and paste the code from my 9.2 itoolbar project and fix the errors along the way?

Q3. Can i remove the installer app and also remove COM registration and deploy this add-in WITHOUT admin privileges?

thanks for your time.