GP Tools do not work properly when published in 10.1

Discussion created by ryankelley001 on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by khibma-esristaff
Anyone else having issues when publishing script tools to ArcGIS Server 10.1 in the way the GP Tool is run?  When my scripts finish in Desktop and I publish the script, without error, half the time the tool will fail when run in server. When the software copied the script to the server, it adds all kinds of variables, so when the tool does error, the line number is inconsistent with the original script.  My latest battle is this:

original script code:
arcpy.Intersect_analysis("Town_Range_Section_FL;foi_FL", fc)

what the code looks like on the server after the software copied and manipulates:
g_ESRI_variable_14 = u'# #;# #'
arcpy.Intersect_analysis(g_ESRI_variable_14, fc)

... so of course it is going to not work. Server error: Parameters are not valid.
ERROR 000732: Input Features: Dataset # #;# # does not exist or is not supported
Failed to execute (Intersect)

I am just complaining i guess as I really wish 10.1 worked the way 10.0 did.  My workaround is that I have to copy the original code from my script and overwrite the copied script on the server. It works every time. I hate to do this, but I have had so many issues, it's the easiest way. Anyone else running into this constantly and getting a bit irritated?