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add row and input value under "CXXXX"

Question asked by helenak on Dec 23, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2012 by helenak
System ArcGIS 9.3
python 2.6


I am trying to add a row to about 100 point shapefiles in a folder.
When adding a row, I also want to key in a string S under the field "CXXXX."
Different shapefiles have different CXXXX fields, such as C0001, C0089, and C0100.
The field is string, starting with C and followed by four digits.

The python code is almost ready, except the part of "CXXXX."
Please kindly help and thank you.

 # Create the insert cursor and a new empty row         rowsNew = gp.InsertCursor("lyr")         rowNew = rowsNew.newRow()          # Populate attributes of new row         rowNew.setValue("C****", "S")          # Insert the new row into the shapefile         rowsNew.insertRow(rowNew)          # Clean up the cursor         del rowsNew