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Automated attribute-based symbology

Question asked by ahnaruby on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2012 by jbarrette-esristaff
Does anyone know if it is possible to create automated symbology via workflow, data driven page, or other method that is based on a recurring attribute across maps?

For example, if I am mapping cities and coloring their symbol based on my field (say, poltical preference), I want the cities whose 'Poltical Preference' field reads 'Republican' to always have a red dot and the cities whose 'politcal preference' field read 'Democrat' to always have a blue dot. I'd like to do this across multiple maps (like one map for cities in Georgia, one map for cities in California, etc) and would like to have one workflow that can be applied to each of these.

Is this possible to do? If so, how is the best way to do this?

Thank you!