ArcMap 10.x Crashes When Using Edit Topology Tool

Discussion created by jakgis on Dec 20, 2012
This might be an ArcSDE issue.  But in ArcGIS Desktop (Advance/ArcInfo) during an edit session when the Edit Topology tool (Align Edge) is used it crashes the Desktop session.  Editing a versioned feature class that does NOT have the option to move edits to base. 

ArcGIS 10.1 Desktop Advanced (Using Direct Connect)
ArcSDE 10.1

In Edit session using Topology Toolbar
1) Select Topology - Check feature class
2) Select Topology Edit Tool
3) Align Edge Tool - Select First Edge, Then Second Edge
4) ArcMap crashes

Could it be a setting issue?  The EDN environment seems to work fine.  This is happening in production which should have the same configurations.

Any help would be great, thanks.