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Connect multiple (longitude/latitude) points with other ones

Question asked by ciph3r on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2012 by ciph3r
I'm trying to graph cab movement in NYC. I have a .xls-file that looks like this:
car   pickup_lat   pickup_lon   dropoff_lat   dropoff_lon
1     73.15724     -40.12345     73.12345    -40.98766
1 ... ...
2 ...
3 ...
I just want to solve each route, so I was thinking about using an OD Cost Matrix.

Any ideas how I could accomplish this? Any links to tutorials on how to solve many routing-problems at once? It is not possible to solve them all by typing it in by hand.
Later on I would like to add pickup and dropoff times to make an animation.

Thanks for your help!