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Combine different maps' caches

Question asked by borbor on Dec 20, 2012
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We have three cities' cached data (compact and mixed - .bundle, .bundlx format) and their maps(.mxd). We can use them separetly by creating map services and copying the caches to arcgis cache folder. However we want to use them in one map service (We will also need to add more cities). Is this possible? Their spatial references and cache scales levels are same.

So far, I tried to use "Import Map Server Cache" tool, tried to import one map's (let's say A) cache into another (B) - set import extent -, it is successfully completed (size of cache folder increases). I restarted the service. Opened map service using arcgis javascript api, normally only shows A at the least zoomed level (level 0), so I set the A's extent to B's extent, to see B, but it doesn't show anything.

Am I missing something or isn't this possible? Can you show me a direction to solve this issue?

Note: We are using ArcGis Server 10.0 on Windows Server 2008. Caches won't be updated, we will use them as base layer and consume map service from javascript api and android api.