Volume of dams at differing elevations

Discussion created by tal88 on Dec 19, 2012
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I'm trying to calculate the potential volume of dams (above the ground/water level) at different elevations/stages (and/or the potential water area). I want to calculate the area and volume at 20 different elevations/stages for each dam and I have up to 50,000 polygons to calculate this for. I have the maximum polygon extent of each dam and a working model in modelbuilder. Each dam takes 30-50sec to calculate the area (the 20 different calculations) , which I can then use to calculate the volume, but runs out of memory when I try to run the tool for only 1,000 dams.

I have tried to use the Surface Volume tool but the tool gives incorrect values (especially the volume calculation). But, I think this tool could really help with the runtimes and memory issue.

I have tried to use the Tabulate Area tool but it has a limited allowable number of fields (approx 200). I am using a integer difference grid.

I have tried the Zonal Histogram tool but it seems to have a field/zone limit as well..?

I am using a 2m DEM and have a difference grid up to the maximum level/stage.

Does anyone have any suggestions?