Data Driven Production Process

Discussion created by balparmak on Dec 19, 2012
I need to come up with a Python code to automate a map creation process but I am a little bit of lack of python knowledge. Any help would be much appreciated.
My problem is that I have a 20 mxd file which need an update process in timely manner(this is just one project) and pdf creation for each mxd then appended pdfs. At the moment, I have a tool which creates map index shape file for at the layout view for each mxd.

I want to :
1 Loop through the index shape file's attribute (first one in the table of contents)
2 Select or zoom into first row then
         -get mxd name from attribute table(its available in attribute table)
         -specify the destinatin folder to save the mxd(i think that I can get that in attribute table as well) or specify it in the code.
         -save mxd to specified location
         -specify the destinatin folder to save the pdf file
         -save pdf to specified location
3 Move to next row and do the same process in step 2
4 When reached the last row append all pdf files created into same locaition as pdfs
5 Close

Please help me!

Any Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you