Intermodal Network Construction

Discussion created by bkionx on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by bsriramak
I am creating an intermodal network for North America, and have rail, road, intermodal facilities, and nodes for both rail and road. I made sure my connectivity was correct so that the facilities were connected to both rail and road. As of right now my only parameters, that were made by the too not me, are miles and oneway. Are there any others that I should be creating or is that sufficient to start. Unfortunately I do not have a turn class, but my main analysis is basically visualizing where rail cars are leaving the network to travel on road, and where they are returning to rail. Also, I do not need to snap my intermodal facilities to line segments correct? Obviously most facilities span a large distance and are not directly on top of the rail or road. Any extra help or insight would be great.
Here is the intermodal network I am currently using minus the waterways: