Improve the access policy to ArcGIS Online services

Discussion created by hlzhang525 on Dec 18, 2012
ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server team,

It looks that ArcGIS Online is evolving fast with many new ideas/changes. Hope that some of our feedbacks can be considered, when you intend to change any.

Recently, we have more and more �??operational�?? difficulties (i.e., 'forbidden' owing to security violations)

to connect and use ArcGIS Online services at (
http://services.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services ), including ArcGlobe, ArcGIS Explorer, and CityEngine (in addition to desktop ArcGIS).

After intensive investigations, the reasons may include at least two aspects, ESRI changed the access policy to those ArcGIS Online services (�??Sign In�?? required), and our own organizations�?? tight security policies (disabled any unsecure access like �??http with login�?? practice over Internet).

So, on changes of access policy to ArcGIS Online, the following ideas are raised for teams to improve so that wider customers can use those resources without any potential security concerns:

[INDENT]1. ESRI provides an option (i.e., keep �??HTTP�??, but can choose �??Sign In�?? or �??Not Sign In�??) to ArcGIS Online services;
2. ESRI enables �??HTTPS�?? with �??Sign In�?? to access ArcGIS Online services

By the way, when will ESRI release the product of �??ArcGIS Online on Promise�?? as an �??installation�?? package for organizations?