Location Services + Heading Update + dataChanged graphics layer

Discussion created by aconnolly on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by njarecha-esristaff

I have a problem, assuming the following:

1. My map is set up properly
2. There is a graphics layer with one graphic in it placed at my device's location.

I have an app that uses CLLocationManager and listens for the locationUpdate and headingUpdate. When headingUpdate sends my app a new value I update a new AGSPictureMarkerSymbol with a new image (based on the heading) and then assign that AGSPictureMarkerSymbol to my graphic's symbol property.

I have a class property holding my single AGSGraphic object and so as each heading comes in I can reset it's symbol and then fire dataChanged on the graphics layer (which is also stored as a class property).

I do not want to use the AGSGPS class for the following reasons:

1. The graphic isn't highly customizable.
2. The blue pulsing animation can't be disabled.
3. The heading data is not available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is everyone at ESRI on vacation right now? I haven't seen a post to this forum in a while

- Aaron