How do you access local group/users in Server Manager - Security roles/users?

Discussion created by gilest on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by MonoSim
I can't figure this out, but am hoping it can be done.  In Server 10.0 I could grab a group from the local server and us it for security on a folder of services.  Is this possible in 10.1?  I've tried the following config settings which don't work -

Users from existing system (Windows Domain) & Roles from built-in store
when prompted for the windows credentials, I've tried entering <server>\local_user .\local_user and it allows returns an ldap related error.  only if I give it a domain\domain_user will it work.

I found it very easy in 10.0 to set up local groups and add domain accounts to them for security.  If I can only get users from Active Directory, how do I add everyone to a 'users' group, so our open access/base data services can be viewed by anyone on the domain?

Any and all suggestions welcome!