Drop Down menus for Editing Attributes in ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by beck3905 on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2014 by Spatial_Ecology
I am trying ArcGIS online for the first time and I am hoping it might work for setting up a very simple editing application where users can provide a point on a map and enter very simple attributes.  I have set up an editable feature service from an shapefile that I uploaded.  I then added that to a map, configured the attributes, and added the map to a web application using the "Editing" template.

I would like one of the attributes to be a drop down menu in which I can provide all valid entries in that attribute.  Obviously, this would need to be hardcoded somehow because shapefiles don't allow coded value domains.

Is this possible with ArcGIS Online?  Would this require me to develop my own web map application just to add this little bit of additional functionality?