MapScale not being persisted in mxd when programmatically changed outside of ArcMap

Discussion created by earnshaw on Jun 2, 2010
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I am trying to change the scale of a map in an mxd OUTSIDE of ArcMap in a standalone Windows application. The problem is the scale is never persisted - the best code I have come up with is the following:

private void UpdateMapScaleInMxd(double scale, string mxdFullPath)
            IMapDocument mapDocument = new MapDocumentClass();
            mapDocument.Open(mxdFullPath, "");
            IPageLayout pageLayout = (IPageLayout)mapDocument.ActiveView;

            IGraphicsContainer graphicsContainer = (IGraphicsContainer)pageLayout;
            IMapFrame mapFrame;

            IActiveView tmpActiveView = null;

            IElement element = graphicsContainer.Next();
            while (element != null)
                if (element is IMapFrame)
                    mapFrame = (IMapFrame)element;
                    tmpActiveView = (IActiveView)mapFrame.Map;

                    mapFrame.ExtentType = esriExtentTypeEnum.esriExtentScale;
                    mapFrame.MapScale = scale;

                element = graphicsContainer.Next();

            mapDocument.Save(false, false);

I check the mxd by opening it up in ArcMap and the map scale has changed i.e the data frame now has a fixed scale and the scale combobox is greyed out.

So now I try to export the map as a PDF in code - and the most frustrating thing is - it exports the map at the previous scale that was set - NOT the scale I just changed it to! So infuriating - if anyone can help me understand where I am going wrong that would be great.