average X value of specific Y (latitude)

Discussion created by helenak on Dec 15, 2012
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I have an attribute table describing butterfly range traits.
It is composed of three columns as below

Species name  range size (X)    latitude of range midpoint (Y)

There are 11 kinds of butterflies.
Each has its range size, and the latitude of each range midpoint ranges from 9 to 19.
I would like to have the average range size of every degree of latitude.
For example, the average range size of latitude degree 10 (10.0-10.99: Butterfly A2, B1, B2)
Please kindly help with python code to calculate the average values.
Thank you.

The details are as followed.

Butterfly A1      130.5               9.45
Butterfly A2      450.68      10.2
Butterfly A3      1102.38       9.3
Butterfly A4  893.34    16.4
Butterfly B1   820.2    10.54
Butterfly B2  872.2    10.87
Butterfly B3  488.2    16.79
Butterfly B4  620.11    18.3
Butterfly B5  982.78    12.98
Butterfly C1   720.32    12.67
Butterfly C2  912.2    18.07