Predefined Search working EXCEPT for a date seach

Discussion created by snelsonbanff on Dec 14, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by russell_roberts-esristaff
I have 2 predefined searches working nicely - they were generated using ArcGIS Explorer.
However when I create my 3rd search, searching based on a date, it works fine in ArcGIS Explorer, however the same search on date on my iPhone returns an error:
"Unable to perform query.  Check the syntax and try again.  Unable to complete operations."
When defining the date for the query, I use ArcGIS Explorer and the calendar button to define the initial value.  So it's looking for the date as well as the time. The source field I'm searching is definitely a Date type.

I should mention that I'm trying to use the "Equal" operator or the "Less than or Equal" - both work in Explorer but fail on the iPhone.

Any suggestions?  The fact that it works nicely in Explorer, but fails on the iPhone has be stuck.
Thanks very much,