Which APIs work with ArcGIS Online Organization?

Discussion created by PinnGIS on Dec 13, 2012
I've been playing around with ArcGIS Online for some time now and I have to admit that I'm still overwhelmed by everything; largely because I don't clearly understand what works with ArcGIS Online and what works with ArcGIS Server.

We have an active ArcGIS Online for Organization subscription (hosting a  bunch of Feature Services and Tile Services) and I have been successful at creating web apps using the Javascript API, so I know that one works with ArcGIS Online.  But what about all these other API's?

1. ArcGIS API for Flex
2. ArcGIS Portal API
3. ArcGIS Server Administrator API
4. ArcGIS Server REST API
5. ArcGIS Server SOAP API
6. ArcGIS Spatial Data Server REST API
7. ArcGIS web map JSON format

When building web apps that are using secure and non-secure hosted services which of the above APIs will work?