How to pass combobox's value to an button event  on a python addin toolbar

Discussion created by yanggis on Dec 13, 2012
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Dear all,
I build a python addin toolbar with a combobox and serveral buttions.
The combobox is used to display the names of featurelayer loaded in ArcGIS Map.
One button is used to check if all the values in the selected layer  in the combobox are okay or not.
So, firstly, I need list all the layers and select a layer in combobox; I've finished the part. The combobox can list all the featurelayers and after selection it can also display the layer's name.
However, I stuck at here because I don't know how pass the layer's name to that button so that when click that button the button knows which layer should be processed.
Can you kindly give any advices? Thanks for taking time to view.