web application for water pollution monitoring on a river

Discussion created by sciolofan on Dec 13, 2012
Dear all,

I am involved in a research project and I was exiploring the possibility to use ArcGis Online as a starting point to build a web application for water pollution monitoring and prediction.
We will have a number of sensors deployed on a river and these sensors will give us a time series data for some specific polluants. The data will be placed in a DB. We want to be able to represent on a map, graphically, the sensors on the river, and with each  sensor to be able to display the measured values for that sensor (if a user right click the sensor icon). Then the user can browse hisorical data (for example values measured 6 months ago).
Then we have a software that can compute the pollution degree in any point of the river. If that area is dangerous we want to highlight that area of the river in red color and to indicate which zone is dangerous. Then we want to be able to send alerts to registered users, either via email or SMS.
Is it possible to use ArGIS for this purpose? What effort is needed? What skills are needed?
Is there any tutorial that describes a similar custom application that was developed?

Thank you in advance