create points at changing distances along lines

Discussion created by jaydubbbbbb on Dec 12, 2012
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Hi everyone...

Here's what I have...

   - Polyline file representing cross sections along a river (starting from left bank, crossing the river, ending on right bank)
   - Table containing distances to various features along these lines (i.e flood inundation point, bankful width point, etc). I do not have coordinates (unfortunately) for these features, only the distance where they sit along the line from the left vertex.

Here's what I'd like to accomplish...

   - Create a point file containing the points representative of the distances from the table along each cross section line

Something to consider...

   - Feature point distances are different for each cross section, so I cannot apply the same distances for the entire file. However, the feature points are organized in a table for each cross section.

If anyone has come across any scripts or tools to help me accomplish this task, your help will be greatly appreciated!  The objective isn't overly complex, so perhaps the combination of some existing tools might get me on the right track.

Thanks for your help.