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Discussion created by aeh757675 on Dec 12, 2012
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Good Morning All -

Anyone have a very cheap, but effective way for setting up GIS within an organization? I've been working in the industry for 10 years and have some pretty good ideas on how to set one up, but I want to hear from anyone on their thoughts. The reason I picked this forum is the company I work for is looking to track client stops\jobs that are reoccurring and need alerts were crews are and when it's time to return to each site.

This is just part of what they want to do, but they would like to start small (fiscal wise) and then migrate to possibly a enterprise GIS system. My recommendations were to start with just the Basic ArcMap, File DB and PGDB, and web apps\hard copies for viewing the outputs. They currently have a sql based inventory management software that I will link to via ArcCatalog so that I can create different datasets from and etc. With this basic setup how do you recommend I track information and send alerts without ArcServer, Track Server, and Tracking Analyst and without having to do all of this through the labor intensive way in ArcMap?

On the flip side can someone give the fiscal numbers for the basic versions of ArcMap, ArcServer, Tracking Server, Tracking Analysts, and Arclogictics (1 License of each)? Would this all be under 50K?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Andy Henry