Microsoft Access Database Engine on 64bit server, you need both 32 and 64x version!

Discussion created by sealjack on Dec 12, 2012
We're on AGS10.1, on a 64bit server. The server don't have MS office installed but we have a GP service need read spreadsheet therefore we need to install Microsoft Access Database Engine. Here the problem comes. When publish the GP service in ArcCatalog as 32bit app, you need the 32bit version MS Access Database Engine. But the server requires 64x MS Access Database Engine to run the actually GP service. You can't install both 32 and 64bit version of the Database Engine on the same server. So right now. When I publish the GP service, I have to install the 32bit version, then uninstall it and install the 64bit version for the server to run. Though it works but doesn't sound smart. Any suggestions? Thanks