Unique symbols for a  a Feature Service causes an error

Discussion created by lyys on Dec 11, 2012
In ArcMap I am symbolizing a polygon feature class. There are 1126 features and I am giving each one a unique color using a color ramp. I am publishing the feature class a both a map service and a feature service, I need to have popups. When I go and look at the service in the services directory, the service is visible in the map service but not the feature service. If I symbolize the polygons with a single symbol the layer is visible in the feature service.

In the process of trying to find out what was going on I added another feature class to the map, below the one I need, and published map and feature services. When I open the feature service only the second layer (1) is listed, the first layer (0) is not. If I try to force the issue by typing in the 0 in the URL, I get an error: "An unexpected error occurred processing the request.".

I really do need to have individual colors for each of the 1126 polygons. 

I guess as a workaround I can publish a feature service symbolized as no fill so I can make the popups, and just a map service that has the symbology that I need.

That worked.

I guess I would still like to know why that symbology does not work with a feature service.

Lisa Shertz