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How do you get a summary of a feature class schema?

Question asked by huffmanp on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by huffmanp
Maybe I'm over thinking this, but I'm trying to MERGE or APPEND some old shapefiles into an existing geodatabase feature class.  I know I'm going to be dropping many of the GPS generated fields and adding new ones, typing the fields to so input will match with the existing schema.  But I'm disappointed that I can't find a way to list and print out the existing feature class schema so all the types and widths are displayed.  ArcCatalog seems to only be able to show with feature class properties only the first 13 items, then I have to page down to see the rest.  Then I have to look at the properties of each field to find out the field length.  Isn't there a way to list out a summary of the whole schema?

Are there any other tools to help get matching schemas before a MERGE?