Create scatter graphs using three raster data

Discussion created by carine84 on Dec 10, 2012
Hi everyone,

I have to know how to create a scatter graph using three large raster data.
Each raster (cell size is 25 x 25) has more than 3,000 columns and more than 6,000 rows.
The coverage area is about 60 km2.
Does anyone know how to create this graph?
I have checked geostatistics...I don't need to do kriging interporlation because I want to use real value.
I checked Spatial Statistics....but it seems not this, too. Cause I don't have point data.

I exported raster data to ASCII and opened them in EXCEL.
But I have no idea how to create a scatter graph using three large sheets.
(Even I clean up all -9999 data (NoData) to 0, still don't know to create a scatter graph).

I know if I use script, it would work after apend hours and hours...
If it is possible to create a scatter graph using large raster data in ArcGIS, it will be perfect.

Please, help me.

Carine in Japan