DGN Files map registration

Discussion created by pavsanto on Dec 9, 2012
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Namaskaaram/ Hola/ Hi,

I need to used DGN files in my application, I was somehow able to display a DGN file using CAD related interfaces in ArcObjects, the DGN file was not geo-referenced and hence was displaying junk coordinates. Now if I have to use DGN files in my application, do I need to convert DGN to any other ArcGIS related format like coverage or shapefile and then register the converted format and use it. I remember in my previous assignment while working on ArcInfo Workstation 8.0.2 , we converted DGN file to ArcInfo coverage and then used the coverage for future purpose. Now im developing in C#.

Request you to please help me on this.. If any sample code is available for geo referencing the DGN files, please post it

Thanks in Advance,