Symbol Management / Symbol Selector Tool

Discussion created by pavsanto on Dec 9, 2012

I have 2 Questions:
1) I have markerset, lineset, shadeset (.mrk , .lin , .shd) files where i have created symbols related to my project requirement developed using ArcInfo Workstation 8.0.2. Can I reuse the same .mrk , .lin , .shd files and display those symbols in ArcGIS Engine10? Please help me with example, sample code or atleast libraries that need to be used.

2) I need to provide a tool to the user for managing Symbols - create new symbols, View, modify, delete the existing symbols and plot them on map, something like Symbol Selector tool in desktop. Can I re use the same tool in my application, If yes How ? If No, do I need to re invent the wheel again, re design my custom symbol management tool in visual studio ??

I am developing my application in C#. Request you to please help me..

Thanks in Advance,